Another Acronym? What Does W2P Mean?

W2P stands for “Web-to-print” or “Web2Print” and is a hot trend in e-commerce as a way to do printing business right on web sites. As we all know, the internet has changed society tremendously because we now can gather information instantly, place merchandise orders right online and speed up our total buying process. We are no longer slaves to annoying telephone orders, “snail mail” and long lead times.

This applies to W2P, too. For instance, Electronic Imaging has special software that lets our customers design their own labels, get a prepress preview (proof) and then submit a label order for shipment within 24 hours. Label designs all work with easy templates allowing you to pick fonts, colors, barcodes and even sequential numbering.

W2PThe W2P concept has become very popular for creating marketing materials like postcard mailers or business cards where photos and layouts in PDF format can be uploaded. It is template-based and typically used in short-run digital printing processes. Usually structured around a limited number of media sizes and materials to make the process move smoothly and fast, the best part of W2P is that you do not need to have any understanding about label design and layout. You can get personalized media and the W2P software does it all!

EIM went with W2P in order to eliminate a lot of steps between our order-entry (including credit card processing), proofing, manufacturing and shipping departments. It also saves confusion if customers have multiple facilities where more than one person does the ordering. Once we have label designed, it becomes a permanent record for all future orders.

Right now we offer a variety of Web2Print Asset label options right on our Web Store. As demand develops, we hope to add more:

Asset Labels: These are easy to design and come in five (5) different materials, with and without over lamination, printed with our without barcodes, your choice of five (5) different fonts and four (4) colors for quick identification.


Will W2P ultimately replace humans? Not likely, but it sure can be help speed up printing processes. There will always be the need for custom orders that need hand-holding and personal intervention to make sure details are correctly identified. However, EIM and other W2P vendors will be looking to provide faster ways to enter orders for other products with slightly more complex design issues.

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