Annual QuickShip Asset Label Sale

Every year as it starts to wind down, we like to provide an opportunity for our customers to economically replenish their supply of our “QuickShip Asset Labels.” It also gives us a chance to reach out to companies we may only hear from once in a while.

PromoCode: ASTNOV14As in the past, we are offering a 20% Discount on all preprinted Asset Label orders—from now until December 31, 2014! Our 1.875” x 0.75” QuickShip Asset Labels are offered with Code 39 barcodes or just human readable numbers, in one or two colors with up to 2 lines of text.

Here’s an Example of How QuickShip Asset Labels Are Used:

An up-and-coming business was started by a young (as in teenager) entrepreneur back in 2011 with the goal to create exceptional virtual reality (VR) products and in particular, headsets for intensive gaming. He pulled a small team of enthusiastic developers together to come up with 3D head gear that lets participants feel like they are actually stepping inside their games and computer-generated worlds. They created high definition displays that let gamers move in and out of rooms and around walls without becoming nauseous from distorted optics and color change delays.

He was so successful, the company was purchased by a large online social networking service that provides them the backing to keep moving ahead. Their philosophy is to share not just pictures but experiences and their visio ns for new products run wild – from teleconferencing with avatars to VR movie watching.

And then there is EIM. This creative company came to us in need of a way to keep track of their expanding head gear inventory. They chose our durable preprinted Code 39 Silver Polyester barcode labels that they can buy right off our web store and we keep track of their numbering with each order. Our fast service with 24 hour turnaround, easy ordering system, and durable high-quality labels let this customer really keep focused on what is important to them – their games and new products!

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