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Bar code labels may be best known for labeling and tracking valuable property and assets. The realm of “asset labels and asset labeling” covers an expansive range of identification for such items as office furniture, equipment, tools, computers, fixtures, and much more.

Asset labels (aka asset tags) and property labels that are made with durable label materials and special adhesives are meant for long-term use. For this reason, Electronic Imaging offers a wide selection of tough Asset Labeling Materials that will withstand anything from mild to extreme conditions. You name the requirements—abrasion, moisture resistance, chemical and solvent resistance, outdoor exposure and UV light, high temperatures, low temperatures, uneven rough finishes, application to plastic, metal, wood, painted, oily, dirty, greasy surfaces—we have your answers! We will work with you to identify your specific needs and then narrow down your choices so you can quickly test asset label samples right in your own environment.

Barcode asset labels allow you to combine human readable information with uniquely encoded identifiers. Many compare a barcode label to a “license plate” that has a distinct number for each article, printed from a wide selection of barcode styles. These unique numbers can be simply assigned in sequential order or taken from a data base of random information.

EIM, is a leading provider of bar code labels for asset tracking and property management. Our Asset and Property ID tags can be customized with color-coding for fast recognition and even have graphics such a company logo. They can be printed as single labels or in sets in any size or shape. They can be made of plastic or tough polyesters or you can use security label materials with special adhesives and tamper-evident features.

To make things fast and easy, however, Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. offers a special QuickShip™ Asset Label Program with consecutively numbered polyester and other durable plastic labels so that you can quickly design your asset label and buy it from our web store.

All of our QuickShip™ Asset Labels are shipped the next business day when ordered online and we’ll step you through the decision process:

  1. Choose from the Types of Asset and Property Labels
  2. Choose from Standard White or Silver Materials
  3. Add Color
  4. View your Pricing

If you prefer to print your own Asset and Property Labels on-site, EIM also offers:

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