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TLMI Award

Another Year in the Books: EIM Wins “Best Managed” Award

The Label Experts are extremely honored to announce our selection as one of this year’s winners of the 2016 TLMI Eugene Singer Award for Best Managed Converter! This award comes at the conclusion of an unforgettable year that included many exciting new customers, fresh faces in the office, record sales, and even babies at work. It’s also just […]

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Babies at Work

The Littlest Label Expert

What do babies have to do with labels? Babies at work? Full disclosure, I am writing this at my desk, while I have one foot sticking out trying to rock a baby to sleep in a vibrating baby rocker. She doesn’t want to sleep, she wants to play, so we need to find another activity, […]

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Meet Mary

Meet the Label Experts – Mary

You might think with a skill level as high as Mary’s that she’s never far away from her desk. But she’s not afraid to leave the comfort of home. In fact, Mary jets off to at least one domestic and several international adventures every year. As an archaeology buff, she prides herself in having soaked […]

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Outer-Wrap Thumbnail

That’s a Wrap! – Explaining the Outer Wrap of Label Rolls

It was too good to be true. You called Electronic Imaging Materials for the first time to place an order for a roll of labels. The product selection was spectacular. The ordering process was so easy your intern could have handled it. The customer service was friendly and you enjoyed chatting. And, just like that, […]

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Barcodes Can Help Boost Efficiency…and Lose Weight???

Barcodes are known to be helpful in a variety of operations. But during a workout? Well, not quite. Healthy lifestyle products and services have surged in popularity lately, such as watches with built-in pedometers and heart rate monitors. Dietary tracking is also a popular feature. Many programs allow users to keep a food profile, inputting […]

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American Flag

Another Labor Day in the Grand USA

This year, the first Monday falls late – on September 7th. Because it is so late, many families with children in school already have had a few days to acclimate to new schedules before the long weekend. For some, they have held back returning from vacations and face a boat load of traffic. The airlines […]

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lightning bolt

Explore Our New Website!

Just like ever-changing technology, websites need to stay fresh, useful and interesting. With that in mind, Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. recently gave our website a facelift, aiming to make a more user-friendly experience and incorporate a totally redesigned web store. While it has a slightly updated appearance—more importantly—our streamlined navigation and improved functionality hopes to […]

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AIM Logo

AIM North America Honors AIDC Industry Leaders

This recent announcement is just one of many reasons EIM is proud to work with Seagull Scientific and offer their high-quality and easy-to-use BarTender® software to our customers. Industry Award Winners Recognized at AIM Summit 2015  Seagull Scientific, Inc. was honored as the AIM North America Business of the Year. This award is presented annually […]

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Companies Get Giddy Over Facebook Notifications

Social media gets a bad rep. The stereotype goes like this; a time-suck occupied by nothing but teenagers procrastinating. Taking selfies and writing posts, browsing trending pop culture news, sharing videos of their favorite celebrities tripping at an award ceremony. You get the picture. However, it doesn’t take a marketing analyst to discover that the […]

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bird clip art

100 Years Ago – Memorial to Passenger Pigeons

November is the time to think of turkeys and family gatherings, but a hundred years ago people were thinking about another bird – the Passenger Pigeon. This very social creature with the long, but larger profile of a Morning Dove became extinct in the fall of 1914 * after once numbering in the billions with […]

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