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Learning with Labels

Recently we were approached by a supplier of Warehouse Management Systems. The customer didn’t present us with what we would consider a ‘typical labeling challenge’, but with our experience in warehouse labeling, they were hoping we would be able to fulfill their request. Their sales team, which we’ve dubbed ‘Team Bacon’, looked to the marketing […]

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Racecar Wheel Labeling

Comin’ in Hot! The Label Experts Handle the Heat in Talladega

When the weather gets nice, labels get to work on the asphalt. We stopped in our tracks when a very recognizable German luxury car manufacturer approached us about a unique label challenge. They required barcode labels that will stick to the interior of aluminum wheels while they undergo testing. That doesn’t sound too bad, but what […]

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Hot Dogs on Grill

How a Food Laboratory is Boosting Efficiency with Label Design Software

Companies involved with the handling and packaging of food products know how careful their practices must be. Manufacturers are mandated to label all of their packages ready for shipment, following strict guidelines set by federal legislation. These labels carry all sorts of information through the supply chain. Handling instructions, inspection legend, net weight, etc. Barcodes […]

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Labels for Your Kegger

Have you ever set up a keg for a big party or event and thought to yourself “How was this keg distributed and shipped to my local store for me to pick up? What were the operation logistics involved to ensure this arrived correctly at my doorstep?” …no? You’re just trying to tap it? Okay, […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Gobble Up These Thanksgiving Facts!

While many stores are already decking their aisles and stuffing their shelves with wintertime holiday decorations, EIM knows better than to ignore Thanksgiving. It’s an important holiday, marking the early settlers’ first interactions with Native Americans and the beginning of a great nation of diverse people. We think it would be fun to share some […]

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chalk board

Highlighting Excellence in Education

Electronic Imaging Materials is located in the budding educational town of Keene, NH. It’s no wonder we’re always looking for ways to strengthen our school districts and surrounding communities as an investment for our future generations. That’s why we are proud to highlight how our local school district SAU 29 has awarded, for the 5th […]

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Some Spooktacular Halloween Facts!

Halloween is that special time of year where children are allowed to dress up and be as gross or terrifying as they wish, and they’re rewarded with candy! So, if you have any little ones, they are probably pretty excited about the upcoming holiday. But have you or your children ever thought the origins of […]

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Labels are Helping Your Favorite Players Hit Home Runs

The 2015 Major League Baseball playoffs are underway! We all know what that means: screaming fans behind the diamond, soon to be followed by screaming fans out in the streets (either cheerfully or the not so cheery kind). Whichever team you’re rooting for this season, you may notice some of your favorite players using a […]

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Scan Barcode

Why Should I Scan My Barcodes Before I Buy Them?

Are you sending us barcodes to print? We generally advise all of our customers to scan their proofs! Some customers have trouble properly scanning and approving their barcodes before placing an order, causing some mix up between the specifications and what we create. Don’t worry, there’s an easy solution and plenty of ways to do […]

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