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No Need to Call! Design Your Own Barcode Labels Online

Quicker, smoother, simpler! It’s 2016, and that means everything is becoming more automated. Instead of taking out cash to pay a friend back, we open an app to send money straight to their bank account. Today’s innovations make life easier, more instantaneous, and without compromise of quality. And guess what? The world of labels is […]

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Hot Dogs on Grill

How a Food Laboratory is Boosting Efficiency with Label Design Software

Companies involved with the handling and packaging of food products know how careful their practices must be. Manufacturers are mandated to label all of their packages ready for shipment, following strict guidelines set by federal legislation. These labels carry all sorts of information through the supply chain. Handling instructions, inspection legend, net weight, etc. Barcodes […]

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Smiley Face Sticker

Labels…Tags…Stickers…What’s the Difference?

Many people use the terms label, tag, and sticker to mean the same thing. This isn’t usually a problem, but it’s a common misnomer that’s ages old. We always help to clarify what our customers mean and ensure they’re getting the right product. In the hopes of doing away with some of the confusion (and […]

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Cable Labels

Clear Your Cable Label Headache with Wrap-N-Vu® Labels

Have you ever tried to wrap something around a cable? The circumference usually doesn’t have much girth, so the process can be frustrating. The same can be said for trying to identify wires with labels. Thankfully, the Label Experts provide a convenient way to alleviate this headache. Wrap-N-Vu® Self-Laminating Cable Labels wrap completely around cables […]

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BarTender Logo

BarTender® 2016 – The Best Barcoding Software Gets a Brand New Look

A new year has arrived, and with it, new updates! EIM is happy to announce our distribution of Seagull Scientific’s BarTender® 2016, the latest version of the world’s most popular label and barcode printing software. Our customers know—this is the technology we’ve recommended for years as the industry standard for printing on-demand. BarTender® makes creating […]

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Machine Label

Vinyl Labels Get a Bad Rap

Vinyl labels have long been a mainstay for the printing industry because of their excellent tear, chemical, and moisture resistance. On top of that, they are highly conformable, cost-effective, and are perfect for outdoor applications. But they’ve been getting a bad rap lately.  Environmental concerns involving the European Union’s RoHS and REACH Directives have put […]

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Labels for Your Kegger

Have you ever set up a keg for a big party or event and thought to yourself “How was this keg distributed and shipped to my local store for me to pick up? What were the operation logistics involved to ensure this arrived correctly at my doorstep?” …no? You’re just trying to tap it? Okay, […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Gobble Up These Thanksgiving Facts!

While many stores are already decking their aisles and stuffing their shelves with wintertime holiday decorations, EIM knows better than to ignore Thanksgiving. It’s an important holiday, marking the early settlers’ first interactions with Native Americans and the beginning of a great nation of diverse people. We think it would be fun to share some […]

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